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The Brewery

The Brewery

The Brewery

Stronghold Brewing Co. is a family owned and operated craft brewery and taproom. The taproom serves the beer that is brewed in-house, and will always have an approachable beer or two on tap. There are also experimental and fun styles for seasoned craft drinkers, and non-alcoholic options available. 

Located in Fort Macleod, it combines the family’s two loves: craft beer and southwestern Alberta. Stronghold brings a warm and inviting energy to historic Main Street, and is located in a building that you may recognize from FX’s Fargo.

The Town

The Brewery

The Brewery

Before Alberta was a province, Macleod-to-be was part of the Northwest Territories. This area was a lawless frontier and a hotbed for illegal American whiskey trade, which drew the attention of the newly formed Canadian Government. The North-West Mounted Police were dispatched to the region, and built their first western settlement in Macleod in 1874.

Fort Macleod has been home to numerous family owned businesses since then, including Stronghold’s building’s namesake, Reach and Co. The Reach Block was constructed in 1907, and has become the backdrop for numerous movies and television shows.


This is only the tip of the town’s historical iceberg. Fort Macleod is an Alberta Designated Historical Area, and we recommend visiting the Fort to find out more about the town and the province’s inception.

The Area

The Family

The Family

Fort Macleod is tucked away in the most beautiful corner of the province. It’s nestled on the border of the Grassland and Rocky Mountain regions, resulting in a truly breathtaking combination of big sky, expansive prairies, and untamed mountains. 

Alberta’s vast and diverse landscape allows for a variety of farming and ranching opportunities. The two largest crops yields in the province? Wheat and barley! Although not a traditional crop for the province, Albertan farmer’s ingenuity has also brought hops to the region. With Fort Macleod situated in Alberta’s Barley Belt, and with hops, wheat, oats, and countless other potential ingredients grown around the corner, it’s the perfect place to brew beer made by Alberta.

The Family

The Family

The Family


Elaine is Stronghold’s chief cook and kegwasher. Her background as a chemical engineer and her meticulous attention to detail has helped to design and orchestrate every inch of the Reach Block’s brewery retrofit. 


Larry retired after 40 years in the corporate sector to join in on the family fun. He’s looking forward to being the building’s handyman, and using his business skills and experience on a smaller scale.


Tom started his journey as an archaeologist, but discovered that he liked filling new glasses more than finding old ones. After attending the Brewmaster program at Olds College and working in the industry, he’s become Stronghold’s head (and only) brewer.


Ayleigh has the gift of the gab, and is sure to make you feel right at home. She has a background in marketing and customer service, and is Stronghold’s head of hoppiness.


The Name

Simply put, stronghold is a synonym for fort. We thought this was a great way to respect the town and its history.


The Blockhouse

You may recognize Stronghold's logo if you've ever seen the fort from above. The diamond is actually the aerial view of a blockhouse.


The Bison

Our mascot is a bison wearing a crown, which depicts the diverse history of the area. This image pays homage to North-West Mounted Police and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, the World Heritage Site just minutes from Macleod.


The Club

Curious about the Drink City Club? The story behind the phrase can be found here